“Does God exist?” “Is real faith blind?”

19th century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche had his protagonist in Zarathustra exclaim the famous words : “God is dead, we have killed him!”

Today, many people in the United Kingdom would agree with Nietzsche. Science seems to have disproved religion, modern technology seems to ridicule all belief in the supernatural. If you listen to authors such as Hitchins, Krauss or Dawkins, the case is clear: there is no God!

But what if that’s wrong?

What if there was a beginning? What if there was such a thing as moral absolute? In other words: What if there was a God?

In October 2013 Every Nation London invited Dr Rice Broocks to speak on numerous events all across London on the topic “Gods Not Dead – Evidence for the Existence of God“. All Every Nation Churches in London then entered into a 6 – weeks preaching series discussing the issue at hand in greater detail. Please click here to see the Sunday messages and the Connect Group materials.

We are delighted to announce that after Dr. Broocks very helpful and insightful book a God’s Not Dead movie has now been produced.  We highly recommend this movie not just to those interested in the debate, but to anyone who enjoys quality entertainment.

One thought on “WELCOME

  1. lEIGH cUMMINGS says:

    God is not dead, nor doth He sleep
    The wrong shall fail, the right prevail
    Casting Crowns – I Heard the Bells on Christmas day

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